Integral Counselling Services


Is there an area of your life that could improve?  Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, conflict in relationships, grief, lack of confidence?  Could you benefit from self-discovery, awareness, holistic self-care, relaxation, meditation, and support?

If you were willing to realise you are unfolding in your life and you have choice in how that happens, are there some things that would change in your daily life?  In your relationships?  In your work?

Our lives are works in progress, and the universe itself is developing, just as we are, and we are necessary parts of this evolving spiral.  Recognising that you are more than just a product of your past or your problems, understanding this, and acting on this understanding, puts you in  position of being able to bring positive change to your life, and the lives of others.  You begin to live from the inside out, not reacting to circumstances alone, or to cultural and personal conditioning.

This requires an understanding of the relationship between mind, body, social systems, and shared values and beliefs -- the foundation of an Integral approach.  The Integral approach to counselling that underpins my work is based on the following five principles:

1. Your life can be seen from four major perspectives, including the following: 

  • your own subjective thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and values;
  • your own behaviours and physical condition;
  • your shared beliefs, family, and cultural values;
  • and your position in relation to the various social systems of our society.
2.  Your sense of your own identity -- who am I and how do I see the world and the situations in my life -- will impact significantly on the counselling experience.  As the counsellor, my sense of my own identity will also impact on our work together.

3.  You bring your own strengths and capacities in many areas of life to the counselling experience, and we will work together to identify and enhance these strengths, as well as build up areas that may benefit from further development.

4.  We will be able to accept, identify, and clarify the various states of mind you experience from moment to moment -- emotional states, dreaming, meditative states, among others -- and work toward insight and healing by developing more awareness of these states of mind.

5.  There are a wide variety of ways of knowing and living, according to gender, culture, and individual personality, and we will consider the most valuable ones for you.

While no one counselling session can focus every dimension of  experience at the same time, we can utilise anything that is helpful to enhance our work together -- this is a core distinction of an Integral approach.
My intention is to actively engage in that which serves your power to grow and to heal.  If we are successful in our counselling work together, the growth you experience will help you gain a sense of your own empowerment and wholeness, and this in turn may influence others to change and grow, to evolve, as well.


Integral Counselling Services acknowledges the traditional owners 
        and custodians of the land we operate this service on, 
   and pays our respects to their elders, past, present, and future.

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